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Unexpected events are a part of life, but when that unexpected event is the death of a loved one, it can be hard to face. If your loved one died due to the negligence of another entity or individual, that could make it even harder and more painful to deal with.

At RMK Law Firm, we care about the personal situations our clients are in. As your wrongful death attorney, we’ll help you fight for the compensation you deserve after wrongfully losing a loved one. Our big firm experience and small firm attention make us your go-to law firm regardless of which step of the process you’re on.

Why You Should Choose RMK Law Firm

When it comes to sensitive issues such as wrongful death, nobody practices the law with more compassion and care than the lawyers at RMK Law Firm in Billings. Our professionalism and experience speak volumes to what we do, and we have represented some major clients and companies in Montana. The following are some reasons to choose us to assist you in a wrongful death case.

  • Collectively, we’re affiliated with the State Bar of Montana, the American Bar Association, the Yellowstone Area Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, and more.
  • We’re recognized by National Trial Lawyer’s Top 40 Under 40, Mountain States Super Lawyers, Chambers USA, the Best Lawyers in America, and more.
  • Collectively, our lawyers have more than 40 years of experience in law.
  • Your first consultation is always free.
  • Any services we provide are solid, valuable, and affordable.
  • We accept many payment types, so every client has an option that works for him or her.

Some Facts Regarding Wrongful Death

Not everything that causes death will result in or even qualify for a wrongful death lawsuit in Billings, MT, though many do. The National Safety Council reported preventable deaths around the nation reaching 169,936 in 2017, which was a 5.3% increase from the previous year and a record high for the United States. The fact these deaths were preventable makes this more difficult to take in. Some of the most common causes of accidental deaths include:

  • Poisoning, including overdosing on drugs
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Fires
  • Falls
  • Suffocation, including mechanical
  • Firearms
  • Drowning
  • Natural heat and cold
  • Water, rail, and air transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

As your wrongful death lawyer, we’ll be here every step of the way. We understand you have questions regarding your case, and we’ve got answers. To get started, the following are some common questions we hear from clients in a similar situation to yours.

  1. Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit? There is an order of precedence for which surviving loved ones can file a wrongful death lawsuit. It begins with a surviving spouse and goes through other surviving family members and loved ones, including children, guardians, a personal representative who represents the family, and a personal representative who represents the estate.
  2. What damages can I seek? As the surviving loved one of someone who died due to the negligent actions of another, there are certain damages you can seek. This includes special damages such as burial and funeral costs, lost wages, lost property, and lost inheritance. General damages include emotional trauma, pain and suffering the deceased experienced before death, grief, and loss of consortium.
  3. How long do I have to file my lawsuit? In the state of Montana, you have three years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This time begins on the day of the death. There are some exceptions, and we can discuss with you whether you fall within those parameters.
  4. Can I file a civil wrongful death lawsuit if the government is pursuing a criminal case? Yes. If there is a criminal case pending against the individual who caused your loved one’s death, you can also file a civil suit in order to try to receive monetary compensation. The criminal case would end in either the individual going free, going to jail, paying a fine, or other similar punishment.
  5. What if the deceased individual never brought in an income? There are a lot of other reasons to sue someone for wrongful death besides just lost income. For example, if the individual was a stay-at-home parent, the other parent would need compensation to begin paying for childcare.

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