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At RMK Law Firm, we are proud to offer personal attention to your individual case, understanding each is unique and extremely important to each client. Located in Billings, Montana, our law firm serves some of the largest companies, while paying just as much attention to our fellow citizens with a wide range of services.


Montana thrives on the agricultural industry. Whether you’re dealing with crop insurance, a tractor injury, or a wildfire, we represent the clients that keep our economy functioning. With personal and professional experience in this area, our firm offers a more individualized take on dealing with agricultural issues.


Whether you’re faced with reversing a negative result or protecting a positive result, RMK Law Firm has years of experience in appellate court. Constitutional issues, employment disputes, environmental law, and a wide range of other arguments are made easier as we guide our clients through both state and federal appeals.

Business & Commercial Disputes

There are many disputes that can happen in the commercial world, with small businesses and large corporations often stuck in the middle. From joint venture disputes to class actions and shareholder disputes to breaches of contract, it’s important to take preventative measures when you can and to hire our attorneys when they’re needed.


Even after you have everything in place regarding your construction project, changes happen. With change comes litigation in some cases. From liens to vendors, warranty issues to payment problems, not every issue will halt the project, but they could still require attention. Our attorneys are experienced in various construction-related problems.

Environmental Litigation

Montana is a massive state with around 100 mountain ranges and multiple freshwater sites. Both small and large business and property owners are interested in protecting Big Sky Country from environmental harm. Working with some of the most passionate environmentalists and citizens, we are committed to protecting your rights.

Healthcare, Medical Malpractice, & Elder Abuse

Montana has a huge employment rate in the healthcare industry. Billings itself contains a medical corridor that serves around two-thirds of the state, making healthcare disputes unavoidable. Legal issues range from medical malpractice to fraud and insurance problems to elderly abuse. Our professionals tackle these issues with compassion.


There are unique insurance laws in Montana, making such disputes often more common than in other states. Cases range from bad faith practices to advance payments and improperly seeking subrogation to violating Montana’s Unfair Trade Practices Act. Getting started with legal action as soon as possible is a wise consideration.

Labor & Employment

With a goal to prevent employment crises, we offer counsel to non-union and union clients. If issues have already begun, our solutions are aimed at protecting business objectives. We also handle litigation for small and large disputes. We begin representation at the start of your business and guide you through the rest.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas production are some other significant contributors to the economy in Montana. When it comes to the legal side of things, we help individuals and businesses through landowner rights issues, OSHA problems, employee/employer disputes, and everything in between. We help individuals in every role throughout the industry.

Personal Injury

Injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. Aside from the physical injury itself, someone may also suffer emotional and mental issues. Personal injuries may include car accidents, workplace injuries, or slip and fall on personal property. Our lawyers have experience representing clients in a wide range of personal injury cases.

Product Liability

At RMK Law Firm, we represent clients on both sides of product liability claims. Whether your business is being sued for faulty product design, you failed to include an appropriate warning on your product, or you are an individual impacted by a product that was defective, you deserve proper representation.

Real Estate, Property Disputes, & Landlord-Tenant Disputes

There’s a lot of land in Montana. Legal issues can range from zoning disputes to residential rental agreement problems, and issues with easements to possible foreclosures. We represent some of the most simplistic homeowners and some of the wealthiest property owners, offering experience you can count on.

Wills, Trust, & Estate Litigation

It’s unfortunate when disputes arise after a loved one dies, but it happens. Fortunately, we have what it takes for individuals looking to take action against executors, other outsiders, and family members in these situations. Our attorneys are ready to protect you and help you protect your loved one’s wishes.

Attorneys You Can Count On

At RMK Law Firm, our attorneys are highly qualified and experienced in most areas of the law. With recognition and education, they’re the lawyers you can count on in Billings, MT.


    • With expertise in labor and employment issues, Jason Ritchie works closely with clients to handle investigations, disputes, and everyday operations. His expertise also extends to real estate, agriculture, personal injury, healthcare, intellectual property, and more.

    • With a focus on complex litigation and appellate advocacy, Michael Manning is regularly seen in both state and federal courts. His expertise extends to will and estate issues, constitutional issues, bank bad faith liability, real estate, and more.

    • With courtroom experience in agricultural law, contracts, toxic torts, product liability, and more, Bryan Kautz feels strongly about the jury-trial system. He represents both large companies and single individuals.

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At RMK Law Firm, our attorneys are hard at work, protecting clients from all walks of life. Regardless of the issue you’re dealing with, we’re ready to assist you with your legal proceedings. Contact us today at (406) 601-1400 or fill in our online form, and we’ll be in touch.

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