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When you’re injured on the job, you’re often entitled to workers’ compensation. This is a type of insurance benefit offered to most workers in the nation, including many of us in Billings, MT. If you are injured during your job, you are entitled to compensation for injuries, disabilities, lost wages, and more. While it sounds easy enough, the process doesn’t always run as smoothly as you might think.

At RMK Law Firm, we are committed to every worker injured during the course of employment. We believe you should be protected while doing your job, and as your workers’ compensation attorney, it’s our goal to fight for your rights, so you receive the compensation you deserve.

Why You Want Us On Your Side

RMK Law Firm has experience working with some of the biggest companies in Billings and other areas in Montana. We also have experience working with fellow citizens and neighbors. We believe everyone deserves equal representation consistent with some of the biggest, most prestigious cases, but with that personalized attention you’d find from a smaller firm. The following are some other reasons we’ve got the workers’ compensation lawyer you want on your side.

  • Your first consultation is free.
  • We accept most forms of payment, making service convenient for every client.
  • Our services are affordable, but we never cut back on quality.
  • Between our three lawyers, we have over 40 years of experience.
  • Between our three lawyers, we have been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America, National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys Top 10 Under 40, and Mountain States Super Lawyers.
  • Our three lawyers have affiliations with Yellowstone Area Bar Association, Montana Trial Lawyer’s Association, the American Bar Association, and many others.

Workers’ Compensation Statistics

Most employed individuals will get hurt at work at least once in their lives. Even those with quiet office jobs could puncture a finger with a stapler or slip on a wet bathroom floor. In 2019, there were approximately 2.8% of full-time workers who were injured at work around the nation. Considering approximately 130.6 million people had full-time jobs, that’s over three and a half million people who were injured while working.

Some of the most high-risk occupations for workplace injuries include health care, retail trade, wholesale trade, transportation, accommodation, food services, construction, and professional and technical services. In 2019, Montana fell above the national average for non-fatal illnesses and injuries sustained at work with some of the most incidences in transportation and warehousing, manufacturing, health care and social assistance, and construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being involved in a workplace accident can be stressful, and at RMK Law Firm, we understand that. As your workers’ comp attorney in Billings, MT, we’ll do everything we can to answer your questions and set your mind at ease. The following are some common questions we get about workers’ compensation, along with our answers.

  • What injuries are covered by workers’ compensation? There are quite a few. An easier question to answer might be, “What injuries are not covered?” If your injuries were intentionally self-inflicted, you would typically not be covered. Violence solicited by you and resulting in an injury wouldn’t generally qualify. If you showed up to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you might forfeit your right to workers’ compensation. Most other injuries are covered.
  • What can I do if my claim gets denied? There is a possibility your claim will get denied, though if it’s a legitimate injury, you probably won’t have to worry about it. If it does get denied, you’ll need to complete and file an Application for Expedited Hearing in the next 45 days. Our lawyers can walk you through this process.
  • Can I also sue my boss? In most cases, you can’t sue your boss if you receive workers’ compensation benefits, but there are some exceptions. For example, if your boss encourages someone to beat you up, you could sue for personal injury. We can help you find those loopholes that show someone is responsible and needs to be held accountable.
  • If I have an occupational disease, can I file for workers’ compensation? You can. Occupational diseases fall under workers’ compensation, so if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, loss of hearing, or another occupational disease, let’s talk about how to move forward.

Contacting Our Attorneys Today

Even though our livelihoods depend on employment, it’s not always easy or safe to go to work every day. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, contact a workers’ compensation attorney who will fight for your rights. Call RMK Law Firm today in Billings, MT, at (406) 601-1400.


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