Wills, Trust & Estate Litigation

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Unfortunately, a death in the family sometimes spawns problems that extend beyond the loss of a loved one. Disputes can arise over how assets are distributed or what the controlling documents mean; executors and personal representatives can neglect their duties, and both outsiders and family members can attempt to inappropriately influence wealth transfer decisions. All those problems and others can mean that litigation is necessary.

Family Conflicts & Disputes

If you find yourself in a conflict about ensuring assets are passed down consistent with the wishes of the deceased or need protection to keep assets protected from undue influence or fraud, our attorneys can step in to help.

Our experience includes:

  • A Montana Supreme Court appeal that vindicated our client’s right to rely on the authority of the personal representative of an estate and resulted in the return of millions of dollars of mineral rights to our client.
  • Helping a client navigate an extensive dispute against a personal representative who attempted to use his position to inappropriately reduce our client’s share of his inheritance.
  • Representing numerous clients in probate litigation, including establishing conservatorships and guardianships for the protection of minors who have been catastrophically injured.

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