Real Estate, Property Disputes, & Landlord-Tenant Disputes

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In a state as large as Montana, real estate and property disputes come in all forms. From multi-million dollar transactions involving some of the largest privately-owned tracts of land in the country to landlord-tenant issues, not every real estate deal turns out as the parties planned.

Zoning and commercial leasing disputes may render a business unable to open or to operate profitably; residential rental and foreclosure issues can individuals’ living conditions; and problems with ownership, covenants, and easements can have huge financial ramifications, just to name a few.

Whatever your role in a real estate transaction that encounters obstacles, Ritchie Manning Kautz can help ensure you get what you bargained for.

Some of Our Real Estate & Property Dispute Experience:

  • A two-week jury trial involving a large property development company in a dispute over the sale of lots at the Club at Spanish Peaks in Big Sky, Montana.
  • A federal appeal involving the subdivision, development, and sale of ranch property for a residential development near Roundup, Montana.
  • A class action by tenants against owners and property managers of multiple large apartment complexes in Missoula and Billings, Montana involving alleged violations of Montana’s Landlord-Tenant Lease Act.
  • Numerous other cases involving landlord-tenant disputes.
  • A case involving claims against a real estate company on Montana’s Hi-Line regarding the sale of property on an Indian Reservation.
  • Wrongful foreclosure cases.
  • Representing individual homeowners in a long-running dispute against a Homeowners’ Association in Carbon County, Montana.

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