Montana Personal Injury Attorney

worker with a sling and arm in a cast

Accidents happen in all walks of life. Sometimes, nobody is at fault and nobody is hurt. But when an accident is caused by a business’s or individual’s wrongful acts or negligence and someone is injured as a result, engaging a lawyer may be necessary. Injuries can be physical, mental or emotional and can occur in cases ranging from car, truck and motorcycle accidents to property and environmental damage; from workplace injuries to defective products; and from slip and falls to wrongful death.

Personal injury cases also regularly involve complex issues that may not be immediately apparent. Navigating insurance coverage or worker’s compensation issues, preserving evidence, accident investigation and reconstruction, and medical care are just a few of the issues that might arise long before a case ever gets to court. And the issues are not always one-sided; every party potentially involved has an interest in protecting its interests and legal rights quickly and efficiently.

If you have an issue involving a personal injury, our lawyers have experience handling every aspect of a variety of cases:

  • A case involving severe and lifelong injuries to a child when a car hit him in the parking lot of his apartment complex.
  • A wrongful death case involving a national transportation company stemming from a car accident on a Montana Indian Reservation.
  • A wrongful death case against a Fortune 500 oil company from a workplace accident.
  • A wrongful death and personal injury case against a local recycling company involving a truck accident.
  • A personal injury case against a security company involving dislocation of an individual’s shoulder.
  • Personal injury claims against a power company involving a workplace accident in which an employee fell from a platform.
  • A personal injury case against a local bottling company involving safe-place-to-work claims after a contractor fell through a roof.
  • Dram Shop cases against several bars involving deaths from accidents caused by bar patrons after leaving the bar.
  • Scores of cases involving individuals injured in car accidents throughout Montana.