Oil & Gas

oil rig silhouetted at sunrise

With at least 45 named oil fields, oil and gas production contributes significantly to Montana’s economy. With that contribution comes a host of potential legal issues. The industry involves far more than simply extracting minerals from the ground. From the early stages of exploration to capping a well and environmental remediation, the potential for legal disputes is huge. Landowner and property rights, access issues, contracts, employees, safety and OSHA problems, injuries, environmental fights, fracing and disputes with contractors, vendors, or suppliers are just some of the challenges that might arise.

Whatever your role in the industry, if you encounter a problem, Ritchie Manning Kautz can help you navigate it.

Our experience includes:

  • A fatality case involving an employee gauging natural gas tanks in the Bakken for a Fortune 500 company.
  • A fatality investigation following a collision between a passenger vehicle and a drill rig being transported on a county road.
  • Substantive motions practice in a case filed by one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies against an energy company due to power outages at a refinery.
  • A patent infringement appeal to the Federal Circuit in a multi-million dollar dispute over the technology for superheating water for use in hydraulic fracing.
  • Claims against a nationwide trucking company stemming from an oil rig accident.
  • An internal investigation regarding employees’ conduct in the Bakken.