attorney helping client fill out insurance forms

In the legal context, insurance disputes can crop up in nearly any kind of case. That is particularly true in Montana, which has unique laws imposing duties on insurance companies that may not exist in other states. Simply put, insurance law is far more nuanced than simply making a claim and waiting to see if the insurance company agrees to pay it. For instance, an insurance company may have a duty to defend its insured against a claim by providing a lawyer even if ultimately has no duty to indemnify the insured by paying the claim. And in certain circumstances, the insurance company may even have a duty to pay certain portions of claims before the dispute is settled. Often, the very first step of a case is a complex analysis of whether insurance coverage exists.

Thus, if litigation of any kind is a possibility, you would be wise to consider insurance issues at the outset. From coverage disputes to bad faith issues, our attorneys have a wealth of experience in the area.

We have:

  • Litigated scores of cases involving allegations against insurance companies for bad faith and violations of Montana’s Unfair Trade Practices Act.
  • Litigated numerous cases involving declaratory judgment actions over insurance coverage issues and insurance companies’ duty to defend.
  • Litigated issues involving insurance companies’ claims handling and advance payment of medical expenses and other undisputed expenses like lost wages.
  • Served as an expert witness in a case involving claims against an insurance company for violations of Montana’s Unfair Trade Practices Act.
  • Litigated a case involving claims by an auto body collision company against an insurance company for underpayment of claims, bad faith, and violation of Montana’s anti-steering laws.
  • Litigated a case involving claims alleging that an insurance company wrongfully sought property damage subrogation against a party who was not at fault in an accident.