Healthcare, Medical Malpractice & Elder Abuse

stethoscope on table with documents overlaid by medical chart graphic

According to at least some reports, healthcare is the largest employing industry in Montana and there is no doubt that most of Montana’s major cities have significant medical centers. For example, Billings has the largest medical corridor in a nearly 500-mile radius and serves as the medical hub for two-thirds of the state. Combined with the increased demand for healthcare as the population ages, Montana’s relatively large healthcare industry inevitably leads to disputes.

Healthcare law is often far more nuanced than fighting about whether a doctor met the appropriate standard of care. In addition to medical malpractice, legal issues range from compliance with complex regulatory requirements, HIPAA privacy issues, fraud, prescription drug and FDA issues, insurance, and patient and elder abuse.

Our attorneys have a wide range of healthcare related experience involving both medical malpractice and other issues:

  • A medical malpractice, negligence and wrongful death case involving an independent diagnostic testing facility.
  • A medical malpractice case involving the death of a young mother several weeks after giving birth.
  • A Montana Supreme Court appeal about whether the Health Care Quality Improvement Act precluded a physician from obtaining an injunction to preclude a hospital from reporting a suspension the physician contended was wrongful.
  • A malpractice and negligence case against both a hospital and memory care facility involving elder abuse after a WWII veteran broke his hip and subsequently died.
  • A case involving allegations of HIPAA violations by a hospital.
  • Numerous cases involving medical malpractice claims in front of the Montana Medical Legal Panel.