Construction Business Disputes

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What Are the Types of Hurdles Encountered in the Construction Business?

There is no such thing as a simple construction project. The process starts long before the first shovel hits the dirt with issues like site acquisition, design, permitting, financing, contract negotiation, and environmental hurdles. And throughout any project—even after the doors are finally open—the process remains complex. Change orders, liens, OSHA issues, subcontractors, vendors, bonding, insurance, payment, construction defects, and warranty issues are just some of the many variables in any construction project.

Not surprisingly, construction litigation is often as nuanced as the project itself. Disputes can occur at any time with respect to any aspect of the construction process. Sometimes they threaten to halt the project, sometimes they require immediate resolution, and sometimes they don’t come up for years after a project is complete.

Some of Our Construction Disputes

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all manner of construction disputes, including the following:

  • An arbitration involving multi-million-dollar construction defect claims against an HVAC contractor in a dispute over a high-end residential home in the Flathead Valley.
  • A jury trial involving claims against a local construction company for defects in the construction of a middle school in Laurel, Montana.
  • A two-week jury trial involving claims against a home builder for negligent building practices.
  • An arbitration in a dispute between the builder and subcontractor over the flooring in a house at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.
  • A prevailing wage lawsuit over a public works contract involving a large general contractor in Billings, Montana which affected public contracts across Montana.
  • Litigation involving a dispute between a lender and construction lienholders regarding the Club at Spanish Peaks in Big Sky, Montana.
  • A case involving construction defect claims against a builder over the failure of a driveway at a house at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.
  • A construction defect lawsuit against local construction company involving a large apartment complex in Billings, Montana.
  • Cases involving personal injury claims brought by subcontractors’ employees against general contractors in Eastern Montana.
  • A contract and wage dispute involving an excavation company in Billings, Montana.

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